I have come to the realisation that, possibly more than looks, personality, hair, eyes, sense of humour and any other attractive attributes, BUMS are at the very least extremely important. Not all bums though. There are specific characteristics that qualify a bum as “Nice”.

These include shape, size, height in comparison to back and legs, garments worn with said bum and general “niceness”.

The bums most commonly praised as “Nice” are a good square shape, not too pointy, not too flat and definitely not too round. They would benefit by having a little hollow on each side just where the bum starts to become leg. They cold be described as a “good healthy size” not too large or too non existant. Trousers should NEVER be worn too high as even the best naked bums could not overcome this. Flat bums also benefit a lot from low worn trousers for some reason, I don’t exactly know why. Tight pants are also completely out of the question. “Nice Bums” are rarely seen without “Nice Legs” and “Nice Backs” just like a good Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato toastie.

I can’t help but notice bums. So far rugby bums are absolutely holding the title of “Nicest Bums” but there are always those that delightfully suprise me when I’m least expecting it like when your aiting in a queue and what your queueing for is really not worth the wait, but then you spot a nice bum across the room and the wait is all the more enjoyable!









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