Atmospheric Jellyfish


Fairy Investigation Society (Feat. Walt Disney)


Flatwood’s Monster




Pizzly Bear


Tasmanian Globster


Indian Rope Trick


There was this girl okay, and she was like kind of a loser, like didn’t have many friends and she was really quiet. She was over on an erasmus in Germany. She didn’t make any new friends or anything ’cause she was a bit weird so she was pretty lonely. So one day this little puppy turned up at the door to her dorm. She took him in and soon they became inseparable like the puppy became her best friend and they even like slept together. So then when it came time for her to come home to Ireland she wasn’t too sad ’cause like she hadn’t made any new friends especially since the puppy turned up. Obviously she didn’t wanna leave him behind so she came back on the ferry instead, and didn’t bother getting him quarantined. 

One day shortly after she was back she had to run into town to get something so she left the puppy in her house with her family pet cat. When she got home the cat was literally splattered around the house in bits. Blood everywhere, like on the curtains and across the wall and all over the floor. Clearly terrified she put her puppy in a box and brought it to the vet. The vet was out when she got there but the receptioist said to just leave the puppy and that the vet would ring her when he was back.


A while later she got a phone call from the vet as promised. He was like “Where did you get this animal” and she was like “I found him when I was over in Germany and now I really love him so I brought him back, I just left him with my cat today and when I came back he’d eaten my cat, i didnt expect a PUPPY to do that!”

The vet was like “Puppy? This isn’t a puppy! it’s a WATER RAT!”


Seriously it was my friend’s sister’s friend’s mom’s friend’s brother’s daughter’s neighbour.

No Lie!

She even SLEPT with it!